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Universal Electronics Inc (UEIC)
One-For-All URC-8080 remote control

The A/V Producer 8 is a preprogrammed, non-learning remote that can operate any combination of 8 devices. At first I was disappointed with the remote because it could only control some of the functions on my equipment but after searching the internet I found that I could fix this. Utilizing UEIC's KEY MAGIC feature and Advanced Function Codes I was able to reprogram the remote to fit most of my requirements. I ordered the Advanced Function Codes free of charge from UEIC's web site and after receiving them via email I reprogrammed the keys on the remote.

When searching the internet about this remote I also ran across a site on how to search for Advanced Function Codes and how to re-program the keys. This was great as I was able to find separate ON and OFF codes (plus others) for my Mitsubushi TV & VCR and Sony VCR that were not listed in the codes I received from UEIC - the original remotes only had a single key that toggled the power On or Off. This allowed me to program my HomeVision unit to send a separate IR signal for On and a separate IR signal for Off, now I don't have to keep track via a flag. Another good reference site is U-OFA-URC: The Unofficial One-For-All Universal Remote Control Pages.
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Mitsubishi Infrared Codes

The Mitsubishi.irl file contains Mitsubishi TV Infrared codes exported from my Homevision unit, the contents of this file are:
Power Off
Power On
Input TVA
Input TVB
Input 1
Input 2
Input 3
Volume Up Big
Volume Down Big