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How to search for Magic codes

Your OneForAll remote has tons of codes for each devices. Only the most common are mapped to keys. By hitting the Magic key (don't hold it down), then typing in a 3-digit number, you can send up to 256 different codes! (On some of the remotes, the Magic key may be labled Setup.) You can get a list of codes from Universal Electronics (the makers of the OneForAll line), but it can be confusing. Also, to confuse you more, they may list codes going into the 700's. In reality, there are only 256. The other numbers can be converted to modulo 256 (keep subtracting 256 until you get a number between 0 and 255) and they will still work.

You can use a feature called Key Magic to remap other keys, or a Magic code sequence onto any other key.

To get the extended codes for your device, fill out the form here: (US)

To get the programming instructions for your remote, go to one of the following pages and select the model of your remote: (US) or (Europe)

For more information on Extended function codes, and deep details of these remotes, check out this page:

WARNING! It is remotely possible that you could put your device into an unkown mode, or trigger some form of reset. Be prepared to re-enter channel numbers or other settings!! If you have any doubts, don't do this! Only use codes that are mapped, or that are on the list from One For All!

Searching for codes is easy, but tedious. Have some paper and pencil ready and start typing in the codes. Just start with Magic000, then 001, etc.. up to 255. When something happens, write down what it is. You may have to repeat this several times in different modes (such as playing a tape, tape paused, menus on, etc...) For some codes, you may have to hold the last number down so it repeats. This is often needed for jog/shuttle commands. You may end up with multiple codes seem to do the same thing. It's possible there are minor differences (on the US JVC VCR 067, there is both Index +, and Index +/Menu+/TimeScan+. One code is only Index, the other does three different things, depending on what mode the VCR is in.)

Once you have a list, you can map some of them onto unused keys, or replace worthless codes with something more useful. Don't go nuts with the remapping! There is a limit to the amount of key moves you can do. Also, if you ever have to reprogram the remote, it'll be hard to remember what went where.

To remap keys, following the instructions below.

If your newer remote has an LCD display, such as the USA URC-8080/8090, or the European Topline models:

If your remote only has a single LED and Magic button (or sometimes, it is labeled Setup):

A note on the AUD and VID buttons: OneForAll's instructions seem to imply that anything put on the AUD or VID buttons will be valid for ALL devices. That is only true for Macros. You can map codes on the AUD and VID codes like any other key, and they will only work when that device is selected.

This page updated April 22, 2001.